The Predictors of Cosmetic Surgery’s Psychological Effects

pastic surgery psychological benefits predictor

Predict Your Plastic Surgery Psychological Benefits

While plastic surgery is common, it can have a deep effect on the people that undergo it. In some cases, a cosmetic surgery can have a negative — or positive — impact on a person’s emotional state.

How can you predict the impact that cosmetic surgery will have? It isn’t as difficult as you might think. Here are a few of the common predictors of the psychological effects of surgery:


A lot of people want plastic surgery because they have low self-esteem. People believe that a surgical procedure will provide them with the kind of confidence boost that they need.

It’s true that surgery can make people feel a lot more confident. However, if a person has serious self-confidence issues, the procedure may wind up doing more damage.

Some people don’t feel like they look good enough even after their initial surgery. Because of this, they get more and more surgeries.

While it’s fine to get a procedure to boost your confidence, people with very low self-esteem should talk to a therapist before they undergo surgery.


Some people aren’t able to see themselves the way that others do. Body dysmorphia is a condition that impacts approximate 5% of women.

If a person doesn’t have an accurate picture of themselves visually, surgery may not change that. Because of this, a patient may feel as though they look the same as they did before the surgery, even if that isn’t the case.

It is recommended that people with body dysmorphia avoid surgery unless they are already receiving treatment for their issues.


While cosmetic surgery will change a person’s appearance overnight, people aren’t always going to have the kind of look the want instantly. There is usually swelling, bruising, and scarring after surgery.

If people have issues with patience, the results they get from surgery may be very upsetting to them. It is possible that people that undergo surgery will wind up feeling frustrated by how long it is taking them to recover.

It’s important for doctors to have an honest talk with their patients about the kind of results they can expect. A lot of people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to surgery; it’s important to correct them before surgery happens.

Support Systems

Surgery can be difficult even when it is elective. People that have strong support systems are usually able to cope with these challenges. People that lack a support system tend to have a hard time.

It can be a while before someone fully recovers from surgery. People often experience a lot of pain in the weeks that follow a cosmetic procedure. Thankfully, if someone has plenty of support, this pain will be easier for them to manage.

If you are trying to predict the psychological effects of cosmetic surgery, there are a number of predictors that you can look at. Ideally, anyone that undergoes surgery should be in a good place mentally. If a surgery candidate isn’t in therapy, they should be.

Breast Augmentantion Recovery Tips

breast augmentation recovery

Breast augmentation has become one of the most popular surgeries and each new day there is a growing demand of clients. You can find it available by looking online for surgeons in your area. For instance, breast augmentation orlando would work to find a doctor who performs breast augmentations for patients located in Orlando.

Once you have found your preferred physician, you will need to know what awaits you in terms of psychology and recovery.

Here is an article on the benefits of breast augmentation that you might find useful.

With the various technological advancements in the niche, recovery time has reduced considerably. If you’re about to go through the surgery or just went through one, here are some breast augmentation recovery tips that should assist.

First, you’re likely to become nauseated during the recovery period. Therefore, you should have some anti-nausea medication to help you with that. Previously, many doctors didn’t recommend taking anti-nausea medications Phenegran and Zofran have been approved. On the other hand, the surgery leads to redness, discoloration and swelling of the affected area.

It is as a result of the skin being stretched once the implant is inserted. The symptoms might subside with time but your doctor might prescribe some skin creams or lotions to deal with the tenderness, swelling or discoloration. You might also suffer from erect or sensitive nipples after the surgery. If that’s the case, you should consider using anti-sensitivity pads to reduce the sensitivity considerably.

During the procedure, the surgeon has to make incisions in specific areas. Therefore, you might get scars in these areas during recovery time. You’re advised to protect your scars from sunlight to prevent them from getting worse. Whenever you’re in the sun, you should always wear sun protection. Some doctors might also prescribe topical gels or surgical tape to reduce the appearance of the scars considerably.

After the breast augmentation surgery, you should expect your breasts to become sore, sensitive and very hard. During the recovery time, the doctor will suggest special garments to reduce swelling as well as make the breast appear normal. The best garments you should wear include foam garments, bras, wraps, vests and anything else the doctor might suggest.

You should know that breast augmentation recovery needs patience because it is not a simple procedure. You need to take a lot of time to recover. Remember that different patients might suffer from varying complications. Even the simplest of these procedures can result in dire consequences. Therefore, you should be prepared for risks that can come up if you don’t take the required time to recover.

The overall recovery time depends on the type of surgery you’re going through as well as the surgeon handling the procedure. So, you need to talk to the surgeon prior to the procedure to manage your expectations accordingly. For instance, larger procedures are quite difficult as well as dangerous and might take a longer period to recover. The minor surgeries, on the other hand, take a week or two for full recovery.

After the procedure, you need to get adequate rest because you might feel drained and completely exhausted. On the other hand, you might feel a little tight around the breast area since the skin is adjusting to the new implants, therefore avoid any impact to that area for quick recovery. Your doctor should also prescribe exercises and massages to relieve any tension or discomfort you might be experiencing.

How Plastic Surgery Can Boost The Quality Of Life For Some People

plastic surgery psychological considerations

Plastic Surgery and Your Quality of Life

While everyone wants to feel like they’re beautiful, some people don’t feel that way when they look into the mirror. Plus, they may also feel like they’re treated differently because of some outward appearance problem that they think could be solved  by surgery.

This is where plastic surgery comes into play, it’s not always to fix an actual physical problem, but to correct a defect to enhance a person’s outward appearance. There are many people that rightly believe that getting a certain operation is the answer to all of their problems, sometimes they’re right.

Breast Augmentation Is A Complicated Emotional Issue

The need for women to have larger breasts is something that they learn, rightly or wrongly, by the way they’re treated, mostly by men. So, in seeking more approval from the opposite sex, many women undergo breast augmentation surgery. This is where implants are placed under the breast tissue to make the breasts larger. It’s one of the more common cosmetic surgery operations.

Many of the women have different histories that make them feel like they need the surgery, sometimes after losing considerable amounts of weight a woman’s breasts appear small. The weight doesn’t always come off in the places that we’d like it too so they decide to add in a little extra to make themselves feel good again. Most women tend to be very happy after their surgeries, but some go back for additional work soon after as well.

Surgery To Correct Birth Defects Is One Of The Most Satisfying

While lots of plastic surgery is to augment something that isn’t really necessary, it can be argued that surgery to correct facial defects takes on a different tone. There are common surgeries to correct a cleft palate that can really make a person look completely different. Prior to the operation many of the victims of this defect are considered to be ugly and afterward, they can lead normal lives with almost no traces of the procedure remaining. These people probably experience the largest boost in their quality of life and are the most satisfied with their cosmetic surgery.

Another type of cosmetic surgery that also has great benefits is the removal of scars caused by accidents. These can be quite unsightly and result in many people being embarrassed by their looks. These people have a goal to return to the way they looked previously so they already know how it’s going to feel emotionally when the procedure is a success. On the other hand,people that are getting surgery to look different than they ever have can sometimes be disappointed that the surgery didn’t fix an imagined problem. They may have to seek counseling to help them overcome how they see themselves in the mirror.

If you have a physical defect, scar tissue, or need some augmentation of some sort, it’s best to get a consultation with several different plastic surgeons. That way you can get a better feel as to how much they can fix and repair your appearance and how much of the problem is really psychological instead. It may mean you’ll have to seek the help of a different type of doctor after your surgery to feel better about yourself.But, if that’s what you need, you should do what you have to in order to get the results you desire.

Having Breast Reconstruction After A Double Mastectomy

double mastectomy reconstruction

If you are faced with a double mastectomy, it is only natural that you will start to research all of your available options after the surgery is complete. When you want to have breast reconstruction, taking the time to learn all about it and understanding what you may be facing will be the best way to ensure you get the result that you are hoping for.

There are a number of women who will have a double mastectomy to remove both of their breasts for the treatment, or the prevention, of cancer.

Following the surgery, many will have the option of regaining the shape of the breasts that were removed by way of surgical reconstruction. The breasts are able to be rebuilt with the help of implants, or they maybe constructed using autologous tissue, which is basically tissue from another area on the body. In some instances, there will be a mixture of implants and the autologous tissue used to recreate the breasts.

The surgery to have breast reconstruction can usually be started at the same time that the mastectomy takes place. This is what is referred to as immediate reconstruction. It can also be done once the incisions from the mastectomy has healed and all of the breast cancer treatments are completed. This is what is known as a delayed reconstruction, and it can take place months or years after the mastectomy is complete.

For the final stage of the reconstruction of the breasts, an areola and nipple may be created on the reconstructed breast if they were not able to be preserved when the mastectomy took place.

How Implants Are Used

The surgeons will place the implant under the chest muscle or skin following the surgery for the mastectomy. When a reconstructed breast is the goal, the mastectomy will be performed using skin-sparing, where most of the breast skin will be saved to be used for reconstruction. In the first stage of the implant placement, a tissue expander will usually be used to ensure there is enough space under the skin or chest muscle. This will require follow up visits with saline injections to keep the shape and stretch the area.

With the second stage, after the tissue of the chest has relaxed and healed, the expander is taken out and the implant is put into place. For most patients, the tissue will be ready for the implant about two to six months after the mastectomy.

With an autologous tissue breast reconstruction, a section of tissue that includes the fat, skin, and blood vessels will be taken from another portion of the body. This is often referred to as a flap. Different sites could be used in the procedure, with popular areas being the back, abdomen, buttocks or thigh. The method that is used for reconstruction will depend upon the surgeon and your individual case. However, the goal will be to give you a natural looking breast while using living tissue from your body for a rewarding result that is free of any implants.