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Gordon Tonips - Comanche / Kiowa Artist

     Born in 1950 around the Chilocco Indian School in northern Oklahoma, where my grandmother worked, I could almost always be found in the art department, drawing, painting and sculpting while being immersed in Indian culture and art.

     I am of the Comanche and Kiowa tribes of Oklahoma.  On my Comanche side, my great, great Grandfather, Noyabad, fought with Chief Quanah Parker at the Battle of Palo Duro Canyon and Adobe Walls.  On my Kiowa side, my Grandfather is Chief Stumblingbear, one of the chiefs to sign the peace treaty at Medicine Lodge, Kansas in 1867.

     When I began to turn my talents to Native American Art, I was encouraged by the Comanche artist and flutist, "Doc Tate Navaquaya" who guided me to follow my dreams when he told me, "If you want happiness, look in your own back yard."  Thus, I discovered these beautiful sandstone boulders, and to my surprise, they spoke to me with images of the ancient past.  When I sculpt a stone, I travel into the past a thousand years and relive the daily lives of the great people who built and lived in these sacred places.  I am inviting you to join me in exploring these places and getting to know and better understand those wonderful and noble people.

     I have produced unique stone carvings, which have taken Santa Fe and the Native American Art Markets by storm, receiving the Santa Fe Indian Market's prestigious ribbons, five years running.  My work has also received numerous awards in other national art markets.

     I am also a dancer and promoter, offering dance shows, tipi's and talks on Native American culture and beliefs.

Gordon Tonips
6731 Bridge St. #77
Fort Worth, TX 76112

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