Do People Actually Get Breast Reduction Surgery?

Even if you’re a guy, you know that there is breast enlargement surgery out there. Women sometimes get it to enhance their physique. Some do it to get more attractive for work on camera, such as in film, television, or broadcasting. Many porn actresses certainly do it, sometimes to absurd proportions. Others do it not for attention, but just themselves, particularly if they feel disproportionate or too small. Sometimes, breast enlargement surgery happens if someone lost a lot of weight and lost too much in their chest. In sad cases, someone might have lost breast tissue to cancer or an accident, and simply wants to be restored.

What many might not know is that on the other end of the spectrum, there’s actually breast reduction surgery. This is not so well-known, but it is actually possible, and there are very legitimate reasons why a woman might choose it. Many men sometimes joke about it getting outlawed, and wonder why any woman would want smaller cleavage. While even many women wonder that themselves, there are some cases where it makes sense.

breast reduction surgery

For some women, they are actually born with more weight in their chest than they actually want. Some have so much that it actually causes them back pain and postural problems that can risk osteoporosis and other ailments later in life. Some also don’t care for the unwanted attention they get, and even clothes and bra shopping can be a pain. Breast reduction surgery is a chance to reduce the size of their breasts to something safer, more manageable, or just more comfortable.

An actress from the sitcom Modern Family got her breasts reduced in size in recent years after getting very tired of unwanted attention from men, which happened even before she was legally an adult. She found herself to be far more comfortable in her body and own skin after she chose her own proportions.

Breast reduction surgery is still a surgery and should be treated very carefully, even when done for purely cosmetic reasons, although some do it to lower chances of breast cancer, which is theoretical at best. Finding a qualified surgeon with a great track record and substantial experience is the best thing to do if you’re thinking about it yourself. Always double check with your own primary care physician first, and look early into whether or not your insurance will even cover it.