Popular Fat Removal Procedures

People have become more and more conscious regarding their body weight. There are numerous ways to shed off extra weight and exercise and dieting are the two most essential components to keep the body in shape. However, these are sometimes not enough, and so, individuals start going through both surgical and non-surgical procedures to achieve the looks they desire.

Well, there are various fat removal procedures for various parts of the body like the stomach and face.


This invasive procedure is one of the oldest treatments for fat removal. However, after the procedure is complete, the patient takes a lot of time to recover as the treatment involves sucking out fat from areas with a lot of fat deposit using a long tube known as a cannula. Since you have to insert a specific device in your body to remove the fat, it’s usually a lengthy process. Fortunately, there have been advancements in the liposuction industry, and a new treatment known as laser-assisted lipolysis has been developed. It’s less invasive, less risky and takes a shorter amount of time compared to typical liposuction treatment.

Lap Band

This is an effective and safe treatment for those who are looking to shed some weight. Lap band is a popular procedure where all you have to do is place a band around the stomach to restrict your food intake. When the amount of food you eat is restricted, the weight is automatically controlled, thus achieving substantial weight loss.


This is another noninvasive procedure that is perfect for not only reducing localized fats but also the outward appearance of cellulite. In this procedure, you have to through a certain regiment of suction as well as massage. The treatment then increases production of collagen thus breaking down the subcutaneous fat. This ideally minimizes the fat from the body while tightening the skin.

Buccal Fat Removal

This is a procedure for removing unwanted fat from the cheeks and thus making you look trendy, fashionable and stylish. In this procedure, the excess fat in your chin is removed, giving your face a nice oval shape that makes you appear more stylish.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

This is one of the most popular fat removal procedures. It is a surgical procedure that alters the digestive process so that the food you take bypasses the stomach and heads straight to the small intestine. By doing this, your calorie intake is reduced, and as a result, you experience weight reduction.

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